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So here you are at friv 2017!

Here we offer an amazing selection of games for free, without you having to register or sit through any ads. Among the categories we have are we have are adventure games, car games, card games, combat games, cooking games, dressup games, multiplayer games, puzzle games, racing games, shooting games, sport games, strategy games, 2 player games, 3D games, action games ...and of course we are adding new games all the time, so mack sure you keep coming back and checking! The games here are provided by a variety of sources, so should you experience any access issues, at least some should be unblocked.

What actually is Friv?

Friv is just a made-up word that's easy to remember and type, but it's a place online where you can play games. It all started in 2006 with the launch and then shortly afterwards by the same team. There are a lot of fake Friv sites out there, so be a Friv Legend and be careful!

We present for your perusal the following list of games. We’ve added as many of these games to this site as we can, while others are located elsewhere and you will need to search for them. These games are our top picks and we recommend them all!

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That's the lot ...see you later!